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Yonder Mountain String Band Live at Newport Music Hall on 2006-02-24

Topics Live concert

Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie,
Think For Yourself,
Troubled Mind,
Winds Of Wyoming,
Too Late Now,
Looking Back Over My Shoulder,
Clinch Mountain Backstep,
Get Me Outta This City,
100 Years From Now,
Cuckoo's Nest>
Nothin' But Nothin',
Mother's Only Son
Death Trip,
Tombstone Blues,
Girlfriend Is Better >
Left Me in a Hole,
Finally Saw The Light,
Half Moon Rising,
Only A Northern Song,
Country Boy Rock & Roll,
The Bolton Stretch
Goodbye Blue Sky

Collection YonderMountainStringBand
Band/Artist Yonder Mountain String Band
Venue Newport Music Hall
Location Columbus, Ohio

Source Matrix - SBD > DA-P1 & Nak 300's w/CP-1's > Edirol R-4
Lineage DA-P1 > Edirol R-4 > Adobe Audition > MKW
Taped by The Brain & Tapecat
Transferred by Tapecat


Reviewer: daveritz12 - - March 20, 2009
Subject: My fav Yonder
I have many YMSB shows but this show is one that I always go back to-From the opening Boogie,to the definitive Winds of Wyoming this show is a classic.The Cuckoo's Nest is superlative and evokes the spirit of John Hartford every time I hear it- This show is A+ in sound and song selection.I heartily recommend downloading this show and just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy one of Yonder's finest mooments-IMHO
Reviewer: Scarlet77 - - February 6, 2008
Subject: What a show...
Just throwing my 5 stars on this one. Haven't listened to it since it happened...this is gonna be fun!
Reviewer: Kindsoul_2002 - - March 11, 2007
Subject: Best YMSB
I was at this show and haven't seen a better show since. Great energy and great crowd. The house was packed and everyone left with a smile....or drunk. Most beer sales the newport ever had!
Reviewer: YouEye - - July 31, 2006
Subject: HOT HOT HOT
saw both nights, have listened to these shows NUMEROUS times, and I can't wait to see these boys at Red Rocks in September.... great sound quality too.... the cornbread nation sets were repetitive from one night to the next, but they still tore it up..... thanks for the post, I've been wearing this one out!
Reviewer: allgoodster - - March 22, 2006
Subject: Good Show
This is a great setlist, but I haven't gotten to listen to it yet. The reason for this post however was to see if anybody out there has a recording of the show from the night before in Morgantown, West Virginia. That was the show that I made it to and would love to relive the experience. Yonder rocks live, hope to see em at some festies comin up, Tis' The Season
Reviewer: hobarttaz - - March 11, 2006
Subject: true beauty
Top quality!! These boys are amazing, just had to put my 5 cents in on this one. Great show. thanks for all the great people that get this show out here.. love you guys
Reviewer: melala - - March 5, 2006
Subject: Correction to setlist - Disc 1 Track 7
Disc One, Track 7 is actually Wildewood Drive, not Clinch Mountain Backstep. All of us down on the rail knew the song, but couldn't figure out which instrumental it was, so we wrote down CMB with a ? after it. When the setlist got posted to the Yonder email list, the ? was not included, so Tapecat assumed the setlist was correct. So sorry about that! Not sure if the artwork can be corrected and re-uploaded, but I wanted to share that info with everyone.

Thanks to Tapecat & The Brain for 2 wonderful recordings! Listening to the shows brings back great memories of last weekend!

Reviewer: cwylde - - March 4, 2006
Subject: Sounds Great
Thanks for this one, sound is great!! YMSB at their finest.
Reviewer: Crested Banfud - - March 3, 2006
Subject: THANKS!
Thanks to everybody that puts show's on Yonder shows kick ass. & the fact that they were posted 3 days after the show, is even better
Thanks again
Reviewer: amo - - February 27, 2006
Words can't describe the euphoria of this 2 night stand. Best shows I've been to in a long time.......I say Danny...You say Barnes!
Reviewer: abeerman - - February 27, 2006
Subject: excellent show
I was there both nights and hoping so much that the show would be posted here. I thank whoever made the effort to do so. Also, this show was amazing, and the quality of the recording sounds really good. I also can't wait for saturday, because that show was nuts too.
Reviewer: abeerman - - February 27, 2006
Subject: excellent show
I was there both nights and hoping so much that the show would be posted here. I thank whoever made the effort to do so. Also, this show was amazing, and the quality of the recording sounds really good. I also can't wait for saturday, because that show was nuts too.
Reviewer: tjernigan - - February 27, 2006
My over all expierience of these two shows were bad ass. Yonder is getting so huge compared to how it was. The venue sounded pretty good from our fron rail spot.. The only setback that i had was the FRAT kids that had no clue what was going on. They were piss drunk and being frat kids. As for YONDER They tore the shit up! I like the trippy vocals jeff keeps doing. Danny Barnes is a Genious. The Cornbread Nation were rocking walls off the first night... But came back the 2nd night only to play the same exact show in the same order.
Thanks for taping this wonderful show and all the hard work to get the fast Matrix post.
Reviewer: ratdog85 - - February 27, 2006
Subject: Awesome
For those that were there I'm sure most of them will tell you it was the best two nights in Yonder history. Tim and his opening band were a great start. Then the boys invited Tim and Danny out to play with them, only about thirty minutes worth! I cannot wait till saturday's show comes out, talk about some amazing stuff!!
Reviewer: youenj0imyself - - February 27, 2006
Subject: You're Goddamn right boys!
this show was absolutely incredible. Yonder had an amazing tour and it was only appropriate for them to close out the tour with 2 nights at the Newport. The Newport shows are/ oughtta be legendary by now, because they absolutely tear it up there. I must disagree about the criticisms on the venue and the people in one of the reviews before mine..with very few exceptions the people there were incredibly friendly and everyone was just dancing and enjoying eachothers company. With the 34 oz Sierra's on tap it was hard not to.

anyway, props to the boys for another great tour.
props to the newport for hosting yet another great Yonder stand
and props to the people of Colombus for being so welcoming to so many out of state guests for thsi event.....i havent felt so at home, away from home, in a very long time!!!!!!!!!!!! see yall this summer.
Reviewer: vec2000 - - February 27, 2006
Subject: Cabin Fever Tour '06 closing weekend
First time seeing YMSB (both nights 24th and 25th) and can only describe it as high-energy "jamgrass"- elements of bluegrass music but almost more of a rock and roll show than anything else. They certainly had the crowd pumped up and at times I thought the roof was going to blow off the building. Great playing by all members (and their guests), although I am hoping the banjo and vocals come through on the recording a little better than they did in person. I'm certainly no sound engineer, but I thought the banjo was a little low in the mix and it was at times difficult to understand all of the banter. The Newport sure was loud though! I'm looking forward to this re-listen and want to thank the tapers and support crew for their efforts!

Also, I know this is a slight detour, but I have to defend my home venue. The Newport is located directly between the Ohio State University and the east-side slums of Columbus- its an old theater that shows its age (lack of adequate bathrooms), but I prefer it over the newer, "sterile" venues (*cough* Promowest). The intrinsic character of the building keep it alive despite the threat of "tear down and build" mentality that comes with commercial properties these days. You might see a few bums and intoxicated undergrads, but I have never had a problem there. After the reception we gave them on 2/21/04 (highly recommended), I think the boys like it too!
Reviewer: discodooley - - February 27, 2006
Subject: Song correction
Where it says Clinch Mountain Backstep, it's actually Wildewood Drive. Other than that. sounds great!
Reviewer: drivindisco - - February 27, 2006
Subject: Yonder in Columbus, OH
Both of these shows smoked. Such an amazing energy in that venue. Tim O'Brian and his fellow banjo player were great....So many group jam outs. Cant wait to hear the song about the titties in the root beer again. The drive from GA to OH was well justified :-)Thanks for uploading the sbds, hope the 25th is soon to follow.
Reviewer: computertela - - February 27, 2006
Subject: YeeeeHaw!!
Wow. This show smoked,... I've seen Yonder quite a few times now and they continue to amaze me. The entire show had amazing energy. Although completely overcrowded and no dancing room, I still had a wonderful time.

Musically it was very solid, the collaboration between Tim O'Brien and Yonder is worth the download alone. There was a long segway to close the first set which included Mother's only son. Second set Redbird was sweet as well.

I would NEVER reccommend visiting this venue though. It was by-far the dirtiest venue I have ever been too (which created some dirty-ass music). The floor was beyond sticky, and there were alot of shady characters there. The venue was not cleaned at all, and had broken glass bottles on the floor. I felt sad for the girls there, as they were constantly bombarded by sketchy frat kids. Several times I felt scared for my safety.

THE SHOW WAS GREAT! Don't get me wrong, musically it was good. No wonder we get a soundboard only days after the show.
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